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Filmmakers: Cast & Crew


Holding on to Jah is Roger’s first full-length feature film.  Roger’s interest in film as a profession came while attending college in Santa Barbara, California. He later transferred to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he graduated in 2005 with a degree in film production with a focus on editing.

The genesis of Holding on to Jah can be traced back to when Roger returned to the Bay Area, and reconnected with his Amador High friend Harrison Stafford in 1999. Harrison had by this time founded the Reggae band Groundation. Harrison and Roger realized that they shared a mutual interest in Reggae music. For the two friends, Reggae was not merely a style of music but a deeply felt expression of the human spirit.



Drawing on his personal research and his travel experiences in Jamaica and Africa, Harrison created a college level course titled “the History of Reggae Music”, which he taught at Sonoma State University from 1999-2001. The course was unique in that it took students who maybe just recently heard of Reggae music or only knew it from the popularity of Bob Marley and helped them appreciate the music on a deeper level; helped them understand how the music and message really defines who we are and where we stand in this time.

Today Harrison continues to write music and tour with Groundation and to get involved in other projects that help spread the music and the message.

Harrison has also continued teaching the history of reggae music online and info can be found at the link below.

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Out of a shared passion was born the idea to merge their talents, and to bring the essence of Reggae to the world in a format that combines the sights, sounds and faces of Reggae. It is Roger’s belief that the there is no better time than now for the world to hear the messages of hope, heart and humanity that are the Roots of Reggae.

Harrison and Roger have continued collaborating on music videos and other film projects including Harrison's live video performance documentary, "Throw Down your Arms."



Additional cast and crew information can be found on our IMDB page.  Link Below

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